January 2017 rolls in the new year and always great to see new vehicle wraps. Of course we can’t wait to get the newest vehicle templates and share them with you!

Four new vehicle templates start us out & have been added this month: the 2011 Hyundai Accent, the 2016 Mercedes Benz Travego bus, the 2016 Porsche 911/991 and the brand new 2017 Toyota Corolla IM. To search all available templates, please visit our Search/Download page.

If you’d like to share photos of some of the wraps you’ve created with our templates, we’d love to feature your wraps right here on our site. Send to your photos via email. Thanks!

Don’t forget to check out our super hi-res backgrounds. They are perfect for your vehicle wrap projects. We’ve got THOUSANDS of backgrounds & design elements for your next wrap. Check it out!!

Hyundai Accent (2011)

Mercedes Benz Travego (2016)

Porsche 911 991 (2016)

Toyota Corolla IM (2017)