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Featuring More Than 80,000 Vehicle Templates for Wrap Design

Car 'n Truck Vehicle Outline Collection - Vehicle Templates for Vehicle Wraps

80,000+ vehicle templates available to vehicle graphics experts worldwide! The combination of an extensive North American as well as European and Asian collection ensures that all customers have all the vehicle templates they need for designing vehicle wraps. With these to-scale vehicle templates (1:20 – scale), it takes just a few seconds to design professional vehicle lettering and wraps. Vehicle templates contain all important details, like door handles, fuel cabs, rails and many more details. Our vehicle templates are all drawn with accuracy to ease your vehicle wrap work. In addition, a high-end 3D presentation system converts conventional 2D vehicle template designs into high-end 3D presentation videos and renderings.

Vehicle Outline Collection benefits

  • 12,000 files represent more than 80,000 vehicle templates from 20+ years available and constantly growing
  • Unlimited download access to all 2D vehicle templates for 365 days (or for life if you choose) in many file formats like CDR, AI, PDF, PSD and more
  • 5 accurate, scaled views including the top views, perfect for vehicle lettering and vehicle wraps
  • Download access to all 3D models for 365 days (or for life if you choose) in various 3D file formats
  • Download access to the free 3D software 3D Designer
  • Download access to all signs, vehicle graphics, design elements and rhinestone templates
  • perfect for vehicle lettering and vehicle wraps
  • cars, SUVs, pickups, vans, buses

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Unlimited downloads for a full year

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Unlimited downloads of older 2D templates

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Why use Car ‘n Truck Vehicle Templates

We know cars! And trucks…and vans…pickups, and so on. When a customer calls and their description of their vehicle is vague or sketchy, or the measurements just don’t add up — we’ve got you covered. What if there was a year change for that vehicle?

Extensive range of commercial vehicle templates! We carry over 99% of all the commercial model vehicles stretching back more than 20 years.

Type of vehicle templates! The combination of extensive North American, European and Asian collections ensures that customers have all the vehicle templates they need at their immediate disposal.

Accuracy! Our production artists generally devote four to six hours constructing a single vehicle template! That may seem excessive, but not when you expect to see incredible levels of accuracy in our vehicle templates. We have 20 years of experience in making the best vehicle templates for vehicle graphics and wraps.

Unlimited upgrade vehicle templates! For 365 days from the day of purchase you have unlimited access to all existing and upcoming vehicle templates on our Web site. Besides the new vehicle templates you also have access to the vehicle drawings saved in different file formats; some of these formats are already saved in 1/1 scale.

truck vehicle templates

How to Use the Templates

Want to know how to use the templates in your favorite software or how to create 3D vehicle renderings? We’ve got a number of tutorials to help you!

3D Vehicle Models Specially Made for the Vehicle Wrapping Industry!

For fast and easy photo-realistic renderings of vehicle designs and/or animated video files we offer the MR 3D-Design System, perfectly adapted for the sign industry.

Our goal is to provide you with 3D models of actual vehicles.

Fast and easy as 1, 2, 3. Check out the tutorials to see just how easy it is to create 3D renderings of your vehicle wrap designs.

All 3D models come with the 2D template for the creation of the design in your graphic design or signmaking application. Furthermore, we have surroundings like shop fronts, parking lots etc. and animated scenery to make it even faster and easier to create really professional 3D-presentations.

The best thing with this system is that there is no need to learn how to work with new software. You still create the design in your existing graphic or signmaking application using our 2D images (i.e., the vehicle templates from our Car ‘n Truck Collection).

When your design work is done, import the file into the MR 3D-Designer and a few clicks later your 3D presentation is ready.

Animated videos can also be produced within minutes.

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New Toyoto Tacoma Vehicle Template Released

Happy to announce the addition of the new 2016 Toyota Tacoma to our ever growing list of vehicle templates. This is one we've been waiting for! In addition, two other templates were released - the TOYOTA Avensis 2017 & the FORD C-Max 2015. To search all available...
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Eight New Vehicle Templates with Three Jaguars

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Four New 2016 Vehicle Templates Added to Library

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Rolling into 2017 with New Templates

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Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

As 2016 comes to an end, we wish to thank all our exceptional Mr-Clipart Vehicle Template supporters. We've enjoyed helping you to create outstanding vehicle wraps using our extensive template catalog. As we look forward to the upcoming year, we wish all a successful...
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Important New Download Info & New Templates

We really do take ALL problems our customers tell us about seriously—we try to replicate the problem, find out what's causing the problem, then do all we can to help. In addition to getting back to our customers ASAP, if there's a solution that will help others down...
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Gigantic New Vehicle Templates & We Approve Them

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October Surprise – New Vehicle Templates

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No Ghosts Here – Just Great New Templates

Just in time for Halloween, the six new templates added to the library of more than 80,000 available include brand new vehicle models that will chase away any ghosts lurking in your vehicle template library. The new additions are: Tesla X-Model 2015, SAAB 9-3 2002,...
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Trick It Out: New Templates are a Treat

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