Redeem Vehicle Template Credit

Please read these instructions so that we can get you the template as quickly as possible!

If you have already purchased a credit for a single vehicle template, we will need some information so that we can send you the template you need. For those who haven’t already purchased a credit, click the button at right to get your credit.

It is very important that you supply the correct File ID the first time as this will be the file we provide to you. If you don’t supply the correct File ID, you’ll have to purchase another credit to get the template you need. Below is an image that shows where to find the File ID for a template.

  • Use the search form lower on the page to find the template you want. Do not attempt to login to the form and do not click the download button. We simply need you to provide us the File ID for the template you want.
  • Copy and paste the File ID (shown in red box under the big red arrow) into the Request Vehicle Template File form lower on the page.

Once we have received your request, we will e-mail the desired template to you in a timely manner. Keep in mind that this could be as long as a full business day, though we attempt to get them to you within an hour if we receive your request during business hours.

Search / Download Vehicle Templates & Artwork

Request Vehicle Template File

The form below contains placeholder text such as “Your Name” and “Your Email”. Please replace this with your information. If you leave the placeholder text, it could result in the form not sending properly.

Note: if you don't supply a valid order number, we will not send a template. The order number can be found in the subject line of the Order Confirmation e-mail and it is a four digit number.

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