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You will receive an e-mail soon after submitting the form for a free vehicle templates download subscription. If you do not get the e-mail, make sure to look in your spam folder. The e-mail will look very similar to the example below. Note that the username and password are blurred in our example.

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Logging In

Login for Both Free and Paid Vehicle Templates SubscriptionsOnce you have this information, go to the Download Vehicle Templates and Search Vehicle Templates page. At the top right of the search form on that page is a “Login” link. Use that link to enter the information provided in the e-mail. We strongly suggest you copy/paste your username and password to make sure you enter it accurately.

Watch the Video

We have a video that shows the exact process for logging in should you have any questions.

Remember, the free subscription only offers free download of vehicle templates from model years 2007 and older. You will be able to see templates from newer model years listed, but they are only downloadable if you have a paid subscription.

Search Form Paid vs Free Vehicle Template Download

Searching for Vehicle Templates and Downloading Vehicle Template FilesAbove is an example of a search for Ford F-150 templates. The top template shown is from model year 2008 and it is only available for download with a paid subscription. On the bottom is a template for model year 2006 and it has FREE on the download button as it is part of the free subscription. We have a video showing how to search for templates and how to download them.

Should you have any questions or issues, please visit the Download Frequently Asked Questions page as it covers the answers to the most common questions.

We hope that you enjoy your free subscription and will consider a paid subscription to get access to newer templates, artwork and much more.

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