One of the most frequent questions we receive relates to what vehicle templates are added to our library. We try to feature the latest in blog posts, but admittedly they may get lost unless you look closely. We’ve now added a way so we can easily display the templates added where you can easily find them.

You’ll find a listing of every recently added template on the Vehicle Templates Added page (see screenshot showing listings below). We want everyone to understand that this is not meant to represent every single template available in the library. Adding the entire library to this page would be an overwhelming process. To search the entire library, please go to the Search/Downloads page.

Vehicle Templates Added

For a quick overview of templates added, you’ll see thumbnails, names and a button to view the template. It is the template details page that has us the most excited. You’ll see a screenshot below from the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Tourer 2018 Small Minibus page.

New Vehicle Template Details

You’ll see the details about the template and the search/download form will automatically show that specific template. Just make sure you are logged in and you can download the template. Note that you must have a subscription level that supports downloading a specific template. To be clear, templates from 2007 and earlier can be downloaded by anyone with a free subscription. Newer templates require that you have an active one year subscription or a lifetime subscription.

Now that we have this capability, we’ll do our best to keep adding new templates so you’ll know how the value of your subscription continues to grow.

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