When a potential customer calls with questions about our vehicle templates, we always recommend that they sign up for a free subscription so they can answer the questions themselves. Rarely can we give them the definitive answer if our templates are the right answer for their business. Now let’s talk about how you can use our free subscription for your own decision-making process.

First, you have to sign up for a free vehicle templates subscription and provide us some basic information about yourself. This information is not sold to anyone and does not put you on a mailing list. Yes, you’ll get a couple of emails after signing up that will be discussed later.

Within a few minutes of submitting the form, you will receive an email with the username and password to use for your free account. If you gave us a bogus email address, it will obviously be impossible to get this information to you. Should you not see this email within a few minutes, make sure to check your spam or junk folder as it sometimes gets flagged and we have no control over that. Make sure to save your credentials so that you have them available when you want to log in to download templates.

Now let’s go look for and download a template for you to try out. Go to the search/download vehicle templates page. Below is a screenshot of the search/download form where I have chosen to search for a Toyota Prius template.

Search Download Vehicle Templates Toyota Prius

Near the upper right of the light blue area you’ll see the word “Login”. Click on this and enter the credentials provided for your free account. It is very important that you copy/paste the credentials exactly as we provided them. Occasionally users will contact us that their credentials don’t work and in almost all cases it is because they were entered incorrectly. For our sake and yours, please copy/paste to avoid any errors.

As you look at the one template shown in the screenshot, you’ll see the Download button is gray. This indicates it is not a free template. The criteria for free templates is very simple. Model years 2007 and earlier are free. All of them which numbers in the thousands. You can download as many as you want and you won’t have to pay anything if you don’t need templates from newer model years.

When I scroll down, I’ll see a Toyota Prius template marked as free. This is indicated by a red badge with the word FREE as shown below.

Free Toyota Prius Vehicle Template

While the example shown here is for a Toyota Prius, you are welcome to search for a vehicle template for any other model to use for your testing. The file you download will be a zip file and inside that zip file you’ll find the vehicle template artwork in Adobe Illustrator format. Paid subscribers do have the option to download vehicle templates in other formats, but the free ones are only supplied as Adobe Illustrator files. They can be used in most design software and we encourage you to look at our tutorials for instructions on using them in your design software of choice.

At times we get a potential customer begging for one specific template for a new model. Yes, we understand you may have a project that needs a newer template. Those are not available as part of a free subscription. Please download an older template and put it through whatever tests needed to determine if the templates meet your needs. Once you are satisfied they are what you need, you’ll need to purchase a paid subscription to get the newer model desired.

Do we have a vehicle template for every vehicle ever made? Absolutely not. Every site visitor can use the search form described above to search the entire library of available templates. If your search doesn’t find a template, it simply isn’t available at that time. There is no secret stash of templates being hidden. We do provide a form where you can request a template be created. That form provides your request to the designers and that specific template will have a higher priority. It does not mean that it will be created immediately and possibly won’t ever be created. The designers determine how to best use their time to create the templates that are most in demand.

You might notice that there is not a new template for every single year a vehicle was produced. Manufacturers typically only change the body style every few years and a new template is only created when the body style changes. This is discussed in more detail in Are New Cars Really New?

What if you find a template that is close, but a minor change needs to be made for your project? For example, vans often have numerous variations based on windows. We can’t provide every variation, but this is an easy change you can make in your design software. Please read Modify Using Your Software for more information on the process.

Users sometimes ask if measurements are provided. No, specific measurements are not provided. The vehicle templates are designed at 1/20th scale. Use your design software’s measurement functions to give you measurements. Keep in mind that the vehicle templates are two-dimensional representations of a three-dimensional object. So while they are drawn as accurately as possible, it is impossible to have the measurements perfect. We encourage you to read New to Vehicle Templates to fully understand how to work with our templates.

Sometimes we are asked if the templates can be used for something other than designing vehicle wraps. We definitely can’t answer this question for you. For example, we are questioned if the templates are good for window tinting. We have some customers who use them for that purpose and we’ve had others who find they aren’t what they need. So you will need to try out some free templates to make that decision for yourself.

There is no limit to the number of free templates you can download and the free subscription never expires. Keep testing until you know if our templates are right for you. Once you’ve decided they are of use to you, sign up for a paid subscription. You can either pay for a year (365 days from when you sign up) and you can choose a lifetime and never have to pay again. Note that either subscription includes all templates added to the library during your subscription period.

Now back to the emails we send those who sign up for a free subscription. The first one sent contains your credentials as described above. You’ll receive one more a few days later where we encourage you to purchase a paid subscription. That’s it, there will be no more unless you reach out to us. So if you send an email demanding to be taken off the list, you’ll get a response explaining you were never on a list. Of course you will get another email if you purchase a subscription. If you really want to receive updates from us, we do offer a list you can join.

Hopefully this helps you get the most out of a free subscription. Ideally we want your testing to lead you to being a paid subscriber. If we don’t have what you need, we’re sorry to hear that yet we understand we can’t meet everyone’s needs.

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