Car ‘n Truck Vehicle Outline Collection – One Year Subscription

One year subscription for unlimited downloads from the Car ‘n Truck Vehicle Outline Collection.

  • 12,000 files represent more than 80,000 vehicle templates from 25+ years available and constantly growing
  • Unlimited download access to all 2D vehicle templates for 365 days in many file formats like CDR, AI, PDF, PSD and more
  • 5 accurate, scaled views including the top views, perfect for vehicle lettering and vehicle wraps
  • Download access to all 3D models for 365 days in various 3D file formats
  • Download access to the free 3D Windows software 3D Designer
  • Download access to all signs, vehicle graphics, design elements and rhinestone templates
  • perfect for vehicle lettering and vehicle wraps
  • cars, SUVs, pickups, vans, buses

Can I purchase a single vehicle template?

No, we do not sell templates individually. We only sell subscriptions. No, we will not make an exception to this just this one time. For information on all subscription options, please visit our purchasing page.

Do you have a specific vehicle template?

Searching for Vehicle Templates and Downloading Vehicle Template FilesAs much as we would like to have the entire library memorized, the only way for us to answer if a specific template is available is to search the library. The good news is that you can do the exact same search! Go to the Search/Download page to see if we have the template you desire. If you find it, we’ve got it. If you don’t find it, we simply don’t have it. There is no secret stash of templates that aren’t in the library.

If you are unsure how to search the library, please watch the Searching for Vehicle Templates and Downloading Vehicle Template Files video and it will show you the entire process.

Do your vehicle templates meet my needs?

Honestly, we can’t answer this question as everyone’s needs are unique to them. We encourage you to sign up for a free subscription. Download a template (or a thousand) and test them out to see if they fulfill your need.

Do your vehicle templates include measurements?

The short answer is they don’t include measurements. All templates are designed at a 1:20 scale. If you are using design software with measurement capabilities, you can easily measure whatever part of the template you desire using your software.

Can I use your vehicle templates for window tinting?

The best way to answer this is to try out our templates so that you can determine if your needs are truly met. We have some customers who have had great success creating window tints and we have had others who felt their needs weren’t met.

We encourage you to sign up for a free subscription. Download a template (or a thousand) and test them out to see if they provide what you need for window tinting.

Can I try your vehicle templates before buying?

Get Free Subscription for Vehicle Templates DownloadsAbsolutely! We encourage everyone to try our vehicle templates before buying anything. It is as simple as signing up for a free subscription!

The free subscription allows you to download an unlimited number of templates from model years 2007 and earlier. Sorry, you can’t try one newer template that you need for a current project. Once you’ve tested a few older templates, then you can purchase and get the newer templates you might need. We have a video that shows how easy it is to get a free subscription.

How do I download the vehicle templates?

Searching for Vehicle Templates and Downloading Vehicle Template FilesWe have an entire page dedicated to frequently asked questions about downloading templates. Look over the page and you’ll likely find the answer you desire.

We also have a video, Searching for Vehicle Templates and Downloading Vehicle Template Files, that shows the entire process for searching for vehicle templates and then downloading them with both a free and a paid subscription.

If you’re still having trouble, let us know.

How often do you add vehicle templates to the library?

Vehicle templates are added as soon as they are created with quite a few added each month. Some of the templates added are for new model years and some are for popular older vehicles (including some covered by free subscription). You are always welcome to download any available template from the library during your subscription term. We encourage you to search the library to see if the specific template you desire is available. The most popular templates added are covered regularly in the Vehicle Templates Blog. Subscribe and you’ll get an email a few times a month with a list of added templates.

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